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$ psql --help

This is psql 8.2.15, the PostgreSQL interactive terminal (Greenplum version).


General options:
  -c, --command=COMMAND    run only single command (SQL or internal) and exit
  -d, --dbname=DBNAME      database name to connect to (default: "gpadmin")
  -f, --file=FILENAME      execute commands from file, then exit
  -l, --list               list available databases, then exit
  -v, --set=, --variable=NAME=VALUE
                           set psql variable NAME to VALUE
  -X, --no-psqlrc          do not read startup file (~/.psqlrc)
  -1 ("one"), --single-transaction
                           execute command file as a single transaction
  --help                   show this help, then exit
  --version                output version information, then exit

Input and output options:
  -a, --echo-all           echo all input from script
  -e, --echo-queries       echo commands sent to server
  -E, --echo-hidden        display queries that internal commands generate
  -L, --log-file=FILENAME  send session log to file
  -n, --no-readline        disable enhanced command line editing (readline)
  -o, --output=FILENAME    send query results to file (or |pipe)
  -q, --quiet              run quietly (no messages, only query output)
  -s, --single-step        single-step mode (confirm each query)
  -S, --single-line        single-line mode (end of line terminates SQL command)

Output format options:
  -A, --no-align           unaligned table output mode
  -F, --field-separator=STRING
                           set field separator (default: "|")
  -H, --html               HTML table output mode
  -P, --pset=VAR[=ARG]     set printing option VAR to ARG (see \pset command)
  -R, --record-separator=STRING
                           set record separator (default: newline)
  -t, --tuples-only        print rows only
  -T, --table-attr=TEXT    set HTML table tag attributes (e.g., width, border)
  -x, --expanded           turn on expanded table output

Connection options:
  -h, --host=HOSTNAME      database server host or socket directory (default: "local socket")
  -p, --port=PORT          database server port (default: "5432")
  -U, --username=USERNAME  database user name (default: "gpadmin")
  -w, --no-password        never prompt for password
  -W, --password           force password prompt (should happen automatically)

For more information, type "\?" (for internal commands) or "\help" (for SQL
commands) from within psql, or consult the psql section in the PostgreSQL

Report bugs to <[email protected]>.

导出表结构:-s -t

pg_dump -s -t xxxx.tbtest testdb > tbnode.out


pg_dump -h mdw -t xxxx.tbtest testdb > tbnode.sql


pg_dump -h mdw -t xxxx.tbtest -a testdb > tbnode.sql


[[email protected] day]$ psql -tc "select 'SELECT current_time'" testdb|psql -a testdb
 SELECT current_time
(1 row)


psql testdb -f t1.out

su - oracle -c "sqlplus -s sysdev/[email protected][email protected]/datafiles/sql/table_info.sql"
su - oracle -c "/u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/client_1/bin/sqlplus -s sysdev/[email protected][email protected]/datafiles/sql/tableinfo.sql"
su - gpadmin -c "psql testdb -f /datafiles/sql/table_info.sql"

查看序列:select * from information_schema.sequences where sequence_schema = 'public';
查看数据库大小:select pg_size_pretty(pg_database_size('testdb'));
查看表的大小:select pg_size_pretty(pg_relation_size('testdb'));

postgres sql 导入导出

pg_dump  -U postgres -D -t dm_user -F t -f c:\\dataware_geoip_location.tar  -d demo 
--  -F 导出格式 (c :定制  t:tar文件  p:明文)

--导入(导入(c :定制  t:tar文件) )
pg_restore -i  -t dm_user  -h localhost -U postgres  -d postgres -v c:\\dataware_geoip_location.tar 
--- -i忽略错误继续执行  -h host服务器名

pg_dump  -U postgres -D -t dm_user  -d demo > c:\test1.sql --导出表结构和数据

--   -U 用户名  -D 是导出insert语句 -t 是那张表 -d 是那个数据库
psql -d dd -U postgres -t dm_user -f c:\test1.sql

pg_dump -U postgres -D -t mrcntinfo -t mrmng -t mrseq -t mrsrchpoint -F t -f /home/webdm/b_coco4.tar -h -d mfwusr

--tar文件用 pg_restore 命令导入
pg_restore -i -h -U postgres  -d cocomemo -v /home/webdm/b_coco4.tar 

pg_dump  -U postgres -D -t cocofldinf -h -d mfwusr > /home/webdm/test1.sql 

pg_dump  -U postgres  -i -E UTF8 -F p -f /mnt/hgfs/Shared/admgr_database_backup.sql  -h -d admgr 
--- -s 只导出数据库结构
--- -a 只导出数据
psql -h localhost  -U postgres -d cocomemo  -f C:\Shared\adidx_database_backup.sql

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